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Leanness is spread through the exchange of good practices and experiences. It is true that we learn the most from our own failures, but if we overcome certain obstacles by getting practical advice when attending training, workshops or organized tours by Lean Solution, we speed up the introduction of lean manufacturing, logistics or administration.

SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)

For many years, Toyota has openly and fully explained its achievements at the level of lean production and logistics. Examples of good practice are a very important part of introducing leanness in companies.

Organized trainings, workshops and tours provide employees from various companies, insight into the result of a successful long-term implementation – examples of good practice #leanbenchmark, thus gaining a lot of useful knowledge and information that they can use in their cases.

With the help of our operational consultants Lean Solution (contact) however, they use this acquired knowledge and information even better for motivation and perseverance, which is even more important in implementation.

At Lean Solutions, we offer various forms of education:



SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)
  • Training to understand individual methods
  • Leadership training to set a lean strategy and lean goals that are the basis for a lean organization
  • Various trainings such as SMED, KAIZEN, VSM, PDCA, TPM, 6S, 5S.
  • Individual training for leaders of lean methods, with which we carry out the practical introduction of the lean method in their departments
  • We “train” managers at various levels of the company on how to implement SFM and how to organize and follow tasks within the tasks in a structured way.
  • Mentoring for lean project managers helps them to effectively organize the introduction of all methods in the company (PRACTICALLY THE BEST). Let’s learn:
  • Coordinate a number of tasks within individual methods and departments
  • As the right coach, we ensure the right pace of implementation and measurement of intermediate successes, which are key to long-term motivation
  • How to prepare effective marketing and promotion of lean methods for the most stable transition from pilot teams to expansion to the whole company
  • Together we prepare quality control of the entire project with approaches to presenting successes to the company’s management


  • The trainings are completely tailored to the specifics of the company
  • Participants work and learn on their own processes
  • Theory and practice are closely linked as the department is behind the bend
  • Tips and ideas can be tested immediately in practice
  • The responsiveness of the participants is genuine and t very useful for introducing slimness
  • An individual approach provides us with quality support in staff development




SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)
  • We have been cooperating with various educational institutions, technology parks, incubators and chambers for many years.
  • Together we are preparing open trainings, which can be applied for by all those interested in lean methods and achievements in the field of raising productivity.
  • We cooperate with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Maribor in order to inspire and inform students of various technical fields about the achievements – examples of good practice in the field of lean manufacturing.



  • Participants see many good examples and gain a lot of useful tips on how to introduce lean methods
  • Sharing the experience of the participants is something more during the lecture
  • Connecting different companies is the red thread of any education. Only in this way can we succeed together in raising added value per employee and competing with international providers
  • The various aids we offer in Lean Solutions and various institutions can be used by companies to participate in the introduction of lean manufacturing and logistics.
  • Partners always look for various subsidies for stakeholders in the introduction of lean manufacturing and logistics, which is the basis for digital transformation (transformation)



SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)
  • You get the most examples if you can see the introduced method or try to implement it in a controlled environment, such as a practical workshop.
  • Lean Solutions has been successfully organizing practical workshops with partners for many years, in which guests show their achievements and invite participants to help them find additional potential.
  • The workshop is moderated by the Lean Solution consultant so that the entire organization is structured as a small KAIZEN workshop or KAIZEN BLITZ.
  • Responses to such workshops are always positive, as participants only experiment with the implementation of various methods, and the host company obtains useful feedback and additional motivation for successful further work.



    • Get tips and suggestions on how to detect losses in the work process
    • Answer what is the actual added value for your customers
    • How to tackle process change and how to stabilize it in the long run
    • What all needs to be prepared in advance for the successful digitization of office processes
    • Effective visualization of results and clear communication linked to measurable goals
    • Learn how to most effectively motivate employees who implement a lean organization (production, logistics and administration)
    • Learn how to create a quality environment to achieve great results



    SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)

    Distance education brings many advantages as well as disadvantages. Personal contact is something that no computer will ever be able to replace, but the mere fact that we can be connected despite a collection ban is a big advantage that helps life move on. In a slightly different form, but together this way of education together can bring us excellent results.

    For many, this is a significant advantage. Being in a place in this fast-paced world can also mean being forgotten or losing a competitive advantage. We are definitely not afraid and we have launched all the projects at full speed and once again took care of what is happening here.

    In the current situation, there is also a need for distance learning, as in the following link: Connection to education.

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