5C method

benefits to the company

  • Tidy and safe workplace – 90%
  • Higher efficiency / productivity (OEE) – 20%
  • Savings – 15%
  • Process optimization – 30%
  • Loss reduction – 35%
  • Flow of materials – 25%
  • Supply logistics optimization – 5%
  • Improving warehousing operations – 15%


5S method - An orderly workplace in the introduction of lean processes is the foundation of lean or. Lean production.

It is a systematic approach to the organization, standardization and removal of distractions in the work environment. The 5S method comes from Toyota, which set itself the goal of a tidy and clean work area and radically changed the culture of the company’s employees between 1948 and 1975.

The support and motivation of the company’s management is crucial at this starting point. Lean or Lean production based on: TPM , 5S method, Kaizen, SMED and SFM methods are indispensable elements of any organization that wants to successfully compete in the global market.

At the beginning of the implementation of lean production, we propose the 5S (6S) method to all our customers, which is one of the basic methods of lean production.


The 5S method improves us:

order, cleanliness, standardization, detection of irregularities in processes, employee loyalty and many other positive effects…

SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)


Uses (5S method):

  • Reduction of production costs
  • Better safety (fewer accidents) and less sick leave (also due to better ergonomics)
  • Shorter search time (tools, materials, parts, information ()
  • Less ejection (tidy and standardized DM, less product damage)
  • Fewer complaints (greater customer satisfaction)
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Senior OEE
  • Better reputation of the company (visitors, customers)
  • Timely delivery of material (and removal of products)
  • Small interphase stocks (timely delivery and removal)
  • Higher company affiliation (better well-being, higher morale)
  • Greater self-discipline (new habits)
  • Creating extra space (for extra work)
  • Timely detection of abnormalities (less unplanned congestion)
  • Easier detection of material flow problems (VSM)
  • Improving machine uptime and machine life
  • Fewer process errors and finishing (repairs) of products
  • Sale of equipment, tools that are no longer in use


Key steps (5S method) - Tidy and safe workplace

SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)

1. (Step) Sort:

Removes unnecessary items in the work environment, useless tools, unfinished products or excess material;

The first step in organizing and standardizing the 5S workplace is to focus on reducing unnecessary workplace items. Here, equipment, furniture and tools in the workplace are classified into 3 categories that are necessary , unnecessary and may not be necessary . In addition, this step can also be useful with a “just in case” approach. Based on the method, the implementation of the 5S method should focus on the scope of objects that will be retained, removed, tested and moved. A key point is the dynamic control of the categorization process of any 5S space to ensure accuracy and focus.

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2. (Step) Mark:

Identify and mark space for every thing needed daily in the workplace;

The term “Mark” is based on determining the effective storage of essential items, materials, accessories. He uses the idea of “If I see, I can take and I can give back” . By following this philosophy, we can save a lot of time and energy when we want to find something. An effective approach to begin this step is to plan the space where tools and equipment will return. It is very important that you really take into account the work being done at or around each station at this stage. This approach should be used to create the most appropriate and easiest areas for employees. In addition, the tools most often used by employees should be in convenient and easily accessible areas with minimal possible restrictions.

SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)

3. (Step) Clear:

Cleaning the workplace, setting cleaning dates

This step means cleaning the workplace on a daily basis so that there is no dust on the floor, machines or tools. With this approach, it is possible to create ownership and build pride among workers. In any case, there is no doubt that a clean job is a safer job. For example, if the floor is clean, free of dirt and debris, the risk of bumps, slips and falls, which are a very common source of injuries in the workplace, is reduced. It is advisable to post pictures in nearby areas showing a completely cleaned or “lit” workplace. It is also possible to use an information machine / line board (SFMl level 0), which shows instructions and steps for cleaning certain areas or equipment.

SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)

4. (Step) Standardize:

Establish a standard / cleaning procedures that employees follow over and over again

The essential link between clear and final step 5S is standardization. By systematizing the method to 5S with standardization, we can confirm that organizational efforts are continuing in a timely manner with a sustainable approach . If an organization fails to standardize work processes, it can eventually lead to messy and inefficient work. It is useful to give employees opportunities to play a dynamic role in developing standards. An outstanding technique to achieve this is design and printing 5S audit questionnaires that can be used by anyone who inspects the area on a particular day.

SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)

5. (Step) Maintain:

The hardest step of all the steps in the 5S method, where we need to ensure the state we have established

The final step in organizing and standardizing a 5S workplace is called: Maintain or Shitsuke, which focuses on covering each previous step 5S through standardized processes and their transformation into continuous practices to ensure continuous improvement. It deals with the description of a new view and standard instead of work. It should be borne in mind that everything we expect from workers must be properly demonstrated by a qualified and experienced professional. In addition, employees should be monitored in their first efforts to verify that the 5S daily routines being implemented are accurate practices that are required and expected. What’s more, mistakes need to be corrected. Occasionally, a broken system causes continuous unwanted behavior or unwanted results. In this case, the fault must be found in the actual system and rectified if necessary.

SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)

6. (Step) Security:

The 6S method differs from the 5S method in that another additional step is added to the 5S method, with an emphasis on workplace safety.

SLIM ORGANIZATION (Lean organization)

With the help of Lean methods, we eliminate losses and activities without added value in a structured way. Teamwork and cooperation between different departments is important, and for the progress of the company we provide an excellent user experience and a return on investment.

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