Lean Analytics


Lean Analytics

Data Visualization (Lean Analytics) allows us to access data on a computer, TV, mobile phone or any other portable device, at any time.

Lean Analytics


Lean analytics (Data visualization) tailored to your needs:

With the Power BI analytical tool, we create quick access to automated measurement of indicators and their visual display.

business analytics tailored to your needs

Power BI ranks among the top 5 business intelligence tools that support rich analytical and visualization power to present advanced data design and analytics, such as forecasting future events based on history

Lean Analytics


Lean Analytics

Production management z LEAN SOLUTIONS ANALYTICS. On the digital SFM link, you can see an example of an interactive control panel for more efficient management of the production process


We develop digital #SFM LEAN SOLUTIONS for our customers

Quickly adaptive visualization is a great base for a good and effective morning stand SFM a meeting at the touch panel (or any TV). Tracking efficiency at any time on the phone, however, allows for faster action and consequently greater OEE. With our solutions and advanced analytics, we can also predict events.

Data visualization

Production is a good example of where a lot of data is collected,

However, if we do not have control over them, it is difficult to see that the costs may be higher than they could be, or we simply do not realize that we have high utilization of machines and at the same time high emissions…

The greatest added value of business analytics (BI) is in the search for optimization and savings at all stages of the production process.

Introduce automated monitoring analysis of key performance indicators available at all times on your information islands:

  • machine capacity utilization (OEE)
  • share and value of ejection
  • share of congestion
  • number and value of complaints
  • productivity
Lean Analytics
Lean Analytics
Lean Analytics
The Control Panel

Lean Analytics (Data Visualization) is an almost indispensable tool if a company wants to introduce improvements and growth with trends that dictate the pace of globalization.

Custom interactive control panels, with the help of POWER BI tools , represent an excellent ratio between efficiency and price.

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