Lean organization

Lean organization is based on the effective identification of losses, and solving rapid increases in orders and capacity problems. Lean 7 + 1 losses is a method where we systematically determine which processes bring us added value and which losses. Losses are any action that requires time, material and auxiliary materials. However, it does not create added value.

A lean organization is an upgrade of lean production and lean logistics, as it also includes other administrative services , which are also essential for the successful operation of the company.

Lean organization

8 Losses in administration

Five Steps to Easier Loss Recognition (Lean Organization)

  • 1.Determine values (what is added value)

  • 2. Determine the value of the flow (how the value travels through the processes)

  • 3. Stream (edit running process)

  • 4.Pull (delivery on time)

  • 5. Striving for perfection (lean never ends)

“Go and see”

  • Observe the process directly

  • Leave the office / meeting room

  • Understands the limitations of team members

  • Lead / educate directly in the workplace in the process

  • Look for “agreements” of understanding

  • What message do you give when you avoid GEMBA?

Why do so many managers avoid the GEMBI production space?

Developing the habits needed by a lean organization:

  • We are what we repeat daily

  • Repetition leads to habits

  • WE CAN develop new habits

  • We won’t be great in the beginning

  • Focus on the goal

  • Talk to others with the same experience

  • Avoid talking about negative events

  • Know yourself

  • Replace old habits and behaviors with new behaviors

  • How do we want the work environment to see us?

The real strength of a lean culture is daily improvement, and the constant pursuit of excellence, which is the basic principle that a lean organization teaches us.

We hope that Lean Solutions has further encouraged you to take further steps