Lean processes are the basis of successful digital transformation

Lean processes are the basis of a successful transformation.

They are the best tool on the path to excellence, achieving lasting progress and adapting business to customer requirements . The practical workshop will present in an interesting and interactive way the views and challenges that companies face in maintaining economic performance and growth .

Any organization that wants to be successful and leader in its industry in the long run must take care of the best possible use of resources and better cost management .

You will be introduced to the development of excellent processes in a lean organization , which are a prerequisite for digital transformation .

In implementing lean manufacturing / logistics and digital transformation , employees are key to success. Therefore, we will present you with examples of how to connect all stakeholders who successfully implement change.

Topics: innovations in the field of lean organization in connection with digital transformation.

Personnel development for the successful introduction of lean processes as a prerequisite for digitalization of production.

Innovations in the field of lean logistics with digital solutions.

The importance of the SFM (shop floor management) method with the support of Power BI analytics for effective decision making.

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