What is Lean Logistics:

One of the main advantages of lean logistics is inventory management. Excess inventory leads to losses, and undersupply upsets customers in delays. By analyzing data, removing redundant workers, and maintaining inventory, you make sure production lines run smoothly and without inventory for extended periods of time. Lean logistics is a great way to reduce inventory risks.

Lean logistics processes also remove processes in which large losses occur from the supply chain, which shortens throughput times.

This increases efficiency and profit. You also don’t need as much storage space if you consistently rotate the product at the measured rate. This reduces the cost and amount of tied-up capital you need to run and maintain your business. Lean logistics has a very positive effect on fixed assets and successfully fights in cases where we are under pressure from lack of space.

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When implementing lean logistics, you must first identify the roles of those who perform key business functions, such as purchasing, product distribution, and customer service. Bring these people together, and compared to last year, you can expect a 10-15% improvement in communication modeled after Tim Horton.

Here you create a detailed picture of all the processes that make up the supply chain as a group (VSM current state). Then map the “future state” to what the supply chain would look like after eliminating non-value-added processes (VSM future state).

Then we are left with only the implementation of the future situation, and that is it – leaner logistics.

Lean logistics: using it will increase efficiency, profits and time capital. It will also have a positive effect on your customers, as they will receive shipments faster and you will have more time to develop new products. What your customers will need in the future.

Lean logistics

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