5S method in traffic!

It is known that the 5S method is synonymous with a tidy, clean and thus safer workplace. Those who do not yet know the method can visit our website and learn the basics there.

But, is the 5S method really reserved for companies or organizations?

In the next post, you will find an interesting reflection on how the 5S method is used in our daily lives – in traffic, even though we call it something else.

Method 5S (Step 1) Separate

If we go step by step, the first step is to separate. Depending on the purpose and age of the vehicle, the technical inspection is adjusted accordingly. For most vehicles, this is once a year or once every two years. Here, vehicles are inspected and all non-compliant ones are eliminated. These are then either repaired or discarded (waste), recycled (spare parts). Roads are also inspected regularly and if a section is too damaged, obstructed (accident, fallen tree, landslide…) or repaired, this part of the road is closed and a detour is made.

Method 5C, Step 1 - Separate

Method 5S (Step 2) Label

The second step is for labeling. While driving, we can see a range of different floor, roadside and overpass markings, different shapes, colors and sizes. A solid line, two solid lines, a dashed line… mark the center of the road and at the same time warn us where the lane is and where it is overtaking. Line colors: yellow road under repair (can also be disabled parking, firefighters), blue line indicates that parking is limited in time… Traffic signals (traffic lights, traffic signs…): triangular signs are danger signs, round (bordered in red) for prohibitions and restrictions, round blue for obligations…

Method 5C, Step 2 - Label

Method 5S (Step 3) Clean

The third step is cleaning. Roads and roadside areas need to be cleaned, so sidewalks are mowed in summer, snow plowed in winter, and traffic obstructions removed throughout the year (tire debris, dead animals, tree branches, consequences of traffic accidents…)

Method 5S, Step 3 - Clean

Method 5S (Step 4) Standardize

The fourth step is standardization. Here we can mention the Road Traffic Regulations (CPP) and the Road Traffic Rules Act (ZPrCP). In them you can find the standard of all the first three steps. When does a vehicle need a roadworthiness test (step 1), colors of floor markings, traffic lights, traffic signs (step 2), permissibility of road obstacles (snow thickness, grass height) for each type of road separately (step 2), how often are they cleaned traffic signs (step 3) (

Method 5S, Step 4 - Standardize

5S (Step 5) Maintain

The fifth step is to maintain the level. In companies, we usually take corrective measures to eliminate deviations from the desired situation. This work is done by auditors. On the road, our auditors are police officers. Unlike companies, the measures are linked to penalties, and in extreme cases to the taking of a driving test.

Method 5S, Step 5 - Maintain
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